Our Capabilities

Business Summary

Infrablok is the services arm of Punja Global and is in the business of designing and developing Web3.0, Blockchain solutions. Infrablok’s goal is to deliver cost-effective, high-quality solutions to customers globally.

Our strong team of 90+ engineers help build solutions across startups, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies. The development team is well versed building smart contracts, across multiple chains like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Algorand, Avalanche etc., enabling delivery of smart decentralized solutions across businesses.

What We Are Offering

Infrablok helps businesses develop web 3 solutions that are scalable and secure, built on platforms/technologies listed here.

Application Layer

UI/UX, Business Logic, Application Integration.

Programming Language

Python, C++, Java, Solidity, Node JS, React/React- Native JS, Nest JS

Services Layer

Oracles, Wallets, Smart Contracts, Digital assets, Connectors, Distributed databases, Digital Identity

Network & Protocol

Ethereum, Hyperledger, Algorand, Avalanche, PolkaDot, Solana, Polygon

Vertical Coverage





Supply Chain