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AI, ML and Web3

Leverage Infrablok's Web 3 services that combine AI/ML with blockchain to create more secure and efficient systems

Who We Are?

Infrablok is the preferred partner for many of the world's leading enterprises, SMEs, and technology startups. We specialize in delivering innovative solutions that solve enterprise problems with cutting-edge technologies, like Web 3, Artificial Intelligence, Full-stack development, and DevOps.

We render customized and robust business-centric services to meet the unique needs of our clients.


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Digital Solutions

Our Offerings

We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve with the latest technological trends and advancements; that's the reason we build futuristic solutions for a new and evolving digital world.

Web 3.0

Unlock the power of Web 3 with Infrablok's expert blockchain development services. Our team leverages next-gen technologies like smart contracts, immutable databases, and cross-chain protocols to develop enterprise solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

From data annotation for training machine learning models to producing end-to-end systems, we understand how to develop outstanding AI solutions for diverse industries.

Full Stack Development

Our full-stack team helps both enterprises and startups architect and build feature-rich web and mobile apps enabling businesses to scale securely.


We provide DevOps services that accelerate enterprises' cloud operations by reducing costs, expanding efficiency, and speeding up the release management cycle.

Unleash The Power Of Web 3.0 With Our APIs

Track & Trace

Track & Trace

Track & Trace

With Track & Trace checking a product’s journey is as easy as scanning a QR code. It records all touchpoints of a product from origin to destination and can be integrated with any Web3 app.

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A suite of Web3 APIs that enable various processes like fetching NFT, tokens, or other non-chain-related data over Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains.

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Solana API

Solana API

Solana API

Enables faster building of web3 dApps over Solana. Integrate these APIs to fetch wallet balance, NFT metadata, and token balance for any given address.

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Serving Diverse Industry Verticals

We help numerous industries unlock new value, build trust and bring transparency across their businesses.





Retail & E-commerce


e-learning & Education


Travel & tourism


Innovating With The Latest Tech Stack

Our team of tech experts develop custom solutions that drive innovation and transform businesses.


Ivan Vatchkov
Ivan Vatchkov

Co-founder & CEO

Infrablok have been a dream partner for Kalibra - proactive, reliable, flexible and consistent. We were particularly impressed with the quality and speed of recruitment, and our business leads’ responsiveness and accountability. We look forward to a long and productive partnership.

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

Founder & President

I have extensive experience working with offshore contractors for software development projects, having done so for over 15 years. After a thorough evaluation process, my company chose to partner with Infrablok in early 2021. They assembled a highly skilled team with expertise in project management, design, architecture, engineering, and QA. The team has seamlessly integrated with our in-house development team and we consider them an extension of our own team. They have consistently delivered high-quality results with integrity and professionalism, and have also provided valuable insights and ideas. Our experience with Infrablok has been highly positive. Read More

Subra Ramesh
Subra Ramesh

Co-founder & CTO

Infrablok has been a critical partner in MDVerse’s ability to execute. We have found Infrablok personnel to be uniformly of high quality. They are technically strong, are great team players, and have a can-do attitude. Having Infrablok as a partner at the early stage of our company has been a game-changer for us.

J.R. Wakabayashi
J.R. Wakabayashi

Marketing Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Infrablok for over ten years, and I can confidently say that they are the most reliable and service oriented technology partner I have worked with. Even after I switched jobs, I continued working with Infrablok to help bring efficiency and value to my new company through Infrablok’s outstanding quality of work.